Pronunciation Practice – First Set of Mid-Consonants

The First Set of Consonants to Learn

01 - Gau Gai - กอ ไก่ - Thai Alphabet Consonants - How to Learn Thai

It is common to begin learning the Thai consonants in groups rather than in a linear fashion. The first set of consonants learned is generally the common mid-consonants. Seven of the nine Mid-Consonants are common, while two are uncommon and rarely used. Those are left for later. The idea is to learn consonants which can be built upon in terms of using vowels and creating words.

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  • 1 Gau Gai – กอ ไก่

  • #8 Jau Jaan – จอ จาน
  • #20 Dau Deg – ดอ เด็ก
  • #21 Dtau Dtao – ตอ เต่า
  • #26 Bau Bai Mai – บอ ใบไมั
  • #27 Bpau Bplaa – ปอ ปสา
  • #43 Au Aang – ออ อ่าง

We use the Lanna Innovation Thai Consonant cards for this practice.

The 7 common Thai Alphabet Mid-Consonants